Who are we?

At J-Global Institute we help companies and individuals do global business more effectively connected with Japan.

We want to help Japan globalize smoothly, by supporting overseas expansion and Japan market entry.

We organize multiple events every week to help our participants of many nationalities achieve business success.

Why JIC?

Open friendly style builds confidence and global communication skills
Interactive and bilingual programs best practice sharing and open innovation
Participants have flexible schedule with make-up classes
Overseas participants learn about Japanese business style and build their global leadership skills
Japanese participants build their business English skills and experience global style meetings and training.

Our seminar series

Global English Mindset

Communicate confidently and persuasively using just the limited English you know by using 20 intercultural communication rules.

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Global Leaders Program 

Become a more successful, persuasive, global business leader in our interactive workshops with participants from many countries. Improve your meetings, presentations, strategy, negotiations and team-building.

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Network and share best practices with a mix of Japanese and global peers. Featuring guest speakers.

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Special Skills Seminars 

Learn specific skills such as sales, marketing, coaching and facilitation with our expert instructors.

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Marketing Forum

APRIL 26 – 19:00-21:30

Learn how to improve complicated but significant relationships with agencies. This forum is particularly interesting for marketing or Advertising Managers/Directors.

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Community Event: Cosplay

APRIL 28 – 19:00-21:30

Have you ever wonder what is behind this cosplay culture invading Japan ?
During this event you will learn all about the market behind cosplay.

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Country Forum: France

MAY 08 – 19:00-21:30

The relations between France and Japan go back hundreds of years and continue to flourish today. Join us and learn about the similarities and differences between the two cultures.

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(Mon) 04 / 03Forum (Industry)Presentation & Discussion (“Sustainable Finance”)
(Tue) 04 / 04Global English MindsetRules 1-5: “Building Trust”
(Thu) 04 / 06Global Leaders ProgramCase Studies: “Collaboration”
(Fri) 04 / 07Learning & PracticeConversation Class in French
(Tue) 04 / 11Global Leaders ProgramFrameworks: “Strategy”
(Wed) 04 / 12Learning & PracticeBusiness Skills
(Mon) 04 / 17Global Leaders ProgramFrameworks (Japanese): “Negotiating”
(Tue) 04 / 18Learning & PracticeConversation Class in French
(Fri) 04 / 21Learning & PracticeConversation Class in French
(Mon) 04 / 24Forum (HR)Project Management
(Tue) 04 / 25Special Skill SeminarsFacilitation Training: “Training and Feedback”
(Wed) 04 / 26Forum (Marketing)Presentation & Discussion (“Aprais”)
(Fri) 04 / 28Learning & PracticeCommunity Event


(Mon) 05 / 08Forum (Country)Presentation & Discussion
(Tue) 05 / 09Global Leaders ProgramFrameworks: “Writing”
(Wed) 05 / 10Global English MindsetRules 6-10: “Positive, Confident, Speed-Learning”
(Thu) 05 / 11Forum (Sales)Presentation & Discussion
(Fri) 05 / 12Learning & PracticeBusiness Skills
(Mon) 05 / 15Global Leaders ProgramFramework (Japanese): “Collaboration”
(Tue) 05 / 16Forum (HR) JapanesePresentation & Discussion
(Thu) 05 / 18Learning & PracticeConversation Class in French
(Fri) 05 / 19Special Skill SeminarsProject Management (1/4)
(Mon) 05 / 22Forum (NPO)Presentation & Discussion
(Tue) 05 / 23Special Skill SeminarsFacilitation Training: “Coaching Groups”
(Thu) 05 / 25Global Leaders ProgramSimulations: “Strategy”
(Fri) 05 / 26Learning & PracticeCommunity Event
(Mon) 05 / 29Global Leaders ProgramCase Study: “Intercultural”
(Tue) 05 / 30Forum (IT)Presentation & Discussion
(Wed) 05 / 31Special Skill SeminarsCareer Planning & Learning Strategy


(Fri) 06 / 02Learning & PracticeConversation Class in French
(Mon) 06 / 05Forum (Country)Presentation & Discussion
(Tue) 06 / 06Global English MindsetRules 11-15: “Thinking flexibly in English”
(Thu) 06 / 08Global Leaders ProgramSimulation: “Writing”
(Fri) 06 / 09Learning & PracticeBusiness Skills
(Mon) 06 / 12Forum (HR)Presentation & Discussion
(Tue) 06 / 13Global Leaders ProgramFrameworks: “Meeting”
(Fri) 06 / 16Learning & PracticeBusiness Skills
(Mon) 06 / 19Global Leaders ProgramCase Studies: “Presentation”
(Thu) 06 / 20Special Skill SeminarFacilitation Training: “Positive Listening”
(Thu) 06 / 22ForumPresentation & Discussion
(Fri) 06 / 23Learning & PracticeConversation Class in French
(Mon) 06 / 26Global Leaders ProgramFrameworks (Japanese): “Management”
(Wed) 06 / 28Special Skill SeminarsCareer Planning & Learning Strategy
(Thu) 06 / 29Forum (Marketing)Presentation & Discussion
(Fri) 06 / 30Learning & PracticeCommunity Event


In addition to our consulting and CEO coaching activities, we also design tailor-made training programs to best fit the needs of the company and its staff.

Corporate clients sending employees to learn at our campus can receive attendance, individual progress and survey reports. Employees can receive coaching and self-select their levels, topics and schedules, including mixed nationality classes. We can also create custom workshops for your office.

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