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The first step to becoming an effective leader is to take control of your own destiny. This seminar will give you the tools and support to identify your unique strengths and examine your true values. These energizing group sessions will build your coaching skills and help you develop a lively vision of where you want your career to be headed. You will also have the chance to set goals and sub goals to keep you on track and motivated as you move towards a future of your choosing rather than one driven by what society, circumstance or other people think you should be doing.

A flexible group coaching format facilitated by an experienced professional coach will allow you to adapt each session to your unique needs and situation; and while the monthly sessions can be taken on a one-off basis, you will be encouraged to attend regularly to benefit from the support of an international mix of like-minded peers and ongoing professional guidance as your vision grows and your goals are ticked off, reset and replaced.

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The founder of Coach Tokyo and author of articles and a book on the topics of coaching and emotional intelligence, Rob has twenty years of experience living and working in Japan and over 1,000 hours experience as a certified professional coach and counsellor. In addition to his work for JIC, he teaches a career seminar at Rikkyo University and helps to prepare Foreign Ministry and other government employees for their postings abroad.


How to build your intercultural leadership skills to better understand, influence and support Japanese/global teams so they trust you with faster-moving and bigger projects.


Brainstorm your dreams and targets for your career and personal growth, coached by facilitator Rob Russell and your fellow participants. Stay in touch together at our seminars and share your progress as an ‘action learning’ community during our monthly Group Coaching sessions.


  • Gain a clear picture of your strengths and values as they relate to your career
  • Learn to better manage your current stresses and challenges at work
  • Develop an energizing vision of where you want to be in your career 5, 10 and more years in the future
  • Set challenging yet reachable long, medium and short-term goals
  • Benefit from ongoing professional guidance and peer feedback as you work to achieve your goals from month to month

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