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Next event: 4/28 (19:00-21:30)

Join us for a networking event in a light atmosphere. Once a month we arrange a gathering focusing on a different topic, where you can meet people from various countries, become familiar with cultural nuances of Japan and simply enjoy our activities.


On April 28, you can participate in a unique theme event featuring Cosplay, the art of costume performance.
Have you ever wonder what is behind this cosplay culture invading Japan ? Well during this event you will learn what is the market behind cosplay and the market using it but you will also confront the point of view of the French and the Japanese cosplay community.

Examples of past events:

“Intercultural Dating Event” – how the current dating scene changes, what challenges and difficulties it presents, and how to overcome them.

“Otaku Fever Around the World” – how adults and children all around the globe have become fascinated with Japanese entertainment.

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