Corporate Growth Solutions

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Build your staff’s abilities and mindset to achieve your strategic targets.



Japanese organizations with multicultural environment.

Our interactive bilingual seminar style supports any class size: 2 to 200 people.


Design a work culture directed at ongoing growth.

Achieve intercultural synergy at an international workplace.


Executives, Marketers and Salespersons: clarify and adapt their strategy for a global audience.

HR and Managers: develop the organization to support their strategy, improve revenue and career growth.

Freshmen and Future: leaders build global communication skills.

Our Method

Our ensemble of experts provides strategies and solutions for clients pursuing growth, stability and durability in a constantly changing global economy. We seek progress by delivering substantial and profitable revenue growth for our clients. We have an extremely high success rate created by our capability to understand and analyze the norms and values of different cultures that interact at international workplaces. Our goal is to provide our clients with clear, measurable outcomes which fit the personal needs of their companies and clients.

Our Programs

1. Global Value Selling

2. Global Marketing

3. Freshman Training

4. Future Leaders

5. Diversity Strategy

6. Way Program

7. Process Innovation

8. Executive Coaching

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