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Develop your people and systems to succeed as a global organization

How we help

We help your organization better manage intercultural diversity to achieve global business success. Our international team of multi-talented coaches, trainers and consultants has developed “J-Global” style: a unique approach combining the strengths of Japan’s team-based working style with those of Western/Global clear communication style.


  • Participants first build intercultural and growth mind-set skills so they can then learn and improve faster.
  • Program design matches your organization’s future strategic goals to build right skills for the right people.
  • Action learning in facilitated real projects is relevant practice and drives high value business improvements
  • Large size interactive seminars mix language levels and nationalities provide excellent value whilst effectively driving diverse and cross-functional teamwork.
Intercultural Leadership and Global Communication Success Programs

Corporate Growth Solutions

Build your staff’s abilities and mindset to achieve your strategic targets. Executives, marketers and salespeople make clarify and adapt their strategy for a global audience. HR and managers develop the organization to support the strategy, improve revenue and career growth. Freshmen and future leaders build global communication skills.

Global Value Selling

Global Marketing

Freshman Training

Future Leaders

Diversity Training

Way Program

Process Innovation

Executive Coaching

Global English Mindset

Build confidence and positive intercultural communication skills using limited English. Become more “growth mindset” and motivated to keep learning.

Build Trust

Learn Confidently

Think in English

Control Conversations

Global Leaders Program

Communicate more effectively with your diverse global colleagues to achieve win-win success. Interactively learn intercultural frameworks, case studies and simulations.

Global Mindset


Vision and Mission

Winning Strategy

Business Writing



Team Building

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