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On July 3 we host the next JIC Country Forum: Japan-Israel

Our new country forum presents the interaction between two greatly different cultures. Guest-speaker Mary Reisel of Rakuten has a long-time acquintance with Japan and she will share her intercultural experiences.

Mrs. Reisel is a professional anthropologist balancing academic career with business work in the field of market research, ethnographic analysis and consumer insights in Japan and South East Asia. Mary has been working in Japan since 2000. She is teaching at Rikkyo University and she was a lecturer at the department of corporate education of Temple University for nearly a decade. In the last few years, she has been working as a special advisor and trainer at Rakuten and she is currently starting her own business of anthropology, consumer psychology, and market analysis.

J-Global Country Forums

There is a great opportunity for Japan to collaborate overseas, but a basic understanding of the differences in the business culture will contribute to reaching your goals. But how much do you actually know about the other countries?

At the J-Global Forums we discuss the similarities and differences in business cultures of multiple countries and discuss how business relations can be improved further and designed to happen more smoothly. Each session there will be a different country addressed that will include one or more guest speaker who has expertise in the differences with Japan. If you are interested in other countries, then this is the right event for you!

Of course, there will be sufficient time to network in a pleasant atmosphere, so the forum provides the chance to expand and deepen personal connections with both countries.

Former Country Foums

06/22/2017: Japan-India Forum

05/08/2017: Japan-France Forum

03/13/2017: Japan-Netherlands Forum

11/30/2016: Japan-US Forum

07/11/2016: Japan-China Forum

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