Emotional Intelligence

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Building Emotional Intelligence for Success in Work and Life

Do you ever suffer from stress at work or in your personal EQ Flyerrelationships? Do you ever find that communication between you and your colleagues, team members, bosses or partner is difficult or less than satisfying? Would you like to have a more positive impact on people? Do you ever feel that you’re doing fine, but have the potential to do more? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a better grasp of emotional intelligence is most likely one of the things you have been looking for.
This course offers: easy to understand theory and practical exercises that will let you immediately put what you learn into practice in your workplace and social/personal life; scientifically proven techniques for relieving stress and building confidence and well-being; and easy to use and highly effective tools for mastering emotions and having the impact you want; all readily adaptable to your unique situation and needs.

Course Outline (4 two-hour sessions)

  1. Introduction to emotional intelligence: what it is and why it counts; transforming anger and anxiety into stores of positive energy
  2. Mastering your inner game: achieving balance in yourself and in your work/life; making win-win deals at work and in life; cultivating wellness and defeating stress
  3. Getting what you want at work and in life: being assertive and proactive; achieving fulfillment
  4. Mastering relationships; empathy; mastering behaviour; body language and impact

Language of Instruction

Intermediate level of English or above required.

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Events in June–July 2017

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    Project Management (2/4)
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    Project Management (3/4)
  • -
    Career Planning & Learning Strategy
  • -
    Project Management (4/4)
  • -
    The Language of Sales (1/4)
  • -
    The Language of Sales (2/4)
  • -
    Facilitation Training: "Chairing Discussions"
  • -
    The Language of Sales (3/4)
  • -
    The Language of Sales (4/4)
  • -
    Career Planning & Learning Strategy
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