Frequently Asked Questions

What makes J-Global different?

The J-Global team of multinational coaches helps to develop a view on timeless topics from different cultural perspectives. We provide the best chance to handle upcoming problems adequately. In addition,  J-Global provides intercultural communication to help doing global business.

How can I contact J-Global?

Our address: Yaesuguchi Kaikan, 1-7-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. See directions.


Tel: 03-3281-4303, Fax: 03-5255-3160

What are the payment options?

You can get a discount by paying in advance through Paypal or a bank transfer, or pay when you arrive to the event.

In any case, please make sure to sign up to confirm your participation.

What are the advantages of the J-Global Passport?

The J-Global Passport allows you to visit all our events over an entire year – around 170 workshops and seminars in total.

Every week we arrange multiple training sessions that help our participants develop in an international atmosphere. Improve your leadership ability, learn some sales techniques, and acquire many other valuable skiils.

The price of our Passport is ¥120,000 during the early sale (Until June 1st). You only pay ¥705 per class!

Sign up here.

What is the Spring Campaign?

If you attend a J-Global event for the first time, participation is free until June 1st.

How do I sign up to classes?

Sign up to any class through the following links:

Forum – various events on different business fields: industry, global relations, finance, human resources, information technology, sales, marketing and non-profit organizations.

Learning & Practice – conversation classes in French or English, business skills classes and community events.

Global Leaders Program – each class in this 8-session seminar focuses on a different intercultural skill.

Global English Mindset – join this 4-session program to build confidence in global settings.

Special Skills Seminars – Facilitation Training, Career Planning, the Language of Sales, Emotional Intelligence, Mastering the IELTS, Project Management.

Passport – join all the events for an entire year!

What is your cancellation policy?

J-Global understands that certain circumstances may come up and that participants might not be able to join an event they had already signed up to. In such case, please cancel your participation by e-mail at least 24 hours ahead of the event.

The participant will be allowed to join any other event of the same class type.

How can I become a guest-speaker?

If you would like to present a topic and expand your connections through our forums, please contact us and send us your profile to this address:

What is the language of instruction?

All seminars, classes and forums are held in English, to give our participants the opportunity to improve their personal language skills at all times. In addition, our bilingual events include explanations in Japanese.


What level of English is required?

Any level of English is sufficient.

Why is it vital to develop a global mindset in today’s society?

In times of globalization and growing global challenges, it is key to develop a global mindset and ensure lifelong success. At J-Global, we focus on combining the best aspects of the Japanese mindset with those of the Western society. Join us to develop yourself and tackle upcoming issues.

When was J-Global founded?

Jon James Lynch, CEO at K.K. Tsunago, founded J-Global in 2015. After 26 years in Japan, helping hundreds of clients address similar areas of unlocked potential, Jon became determined to find a scalable way to contribute to the growth of Japan. To this end he recently launched this learning center in Tokyo Station’s Yaesu area.

Based on peer-to-peer learning, open innovation and inter-cultural collaboration, our participants learn key insights and skills to make a high-level teamwork environment for both Japanese and non-Japanese to thrive in, whilst at the same time learning the power of clear articulation and dissemination of strategic priorities at all levels of an organization.

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