Global Leaders Program: Intercultural

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Flexible Global Mindset


Case Studies

Hybrid global and team-based working style



Spreading Intercultural Understanding in companies

About this seminar

This course is the first step to becoming a more confident leader and clear communicator who can understand and motivate global stakeholders to be successful together. Today we learn the frameworks for analysing cultural differences, and some tools for understanding and bridging the gaps, to ensure better communication.

We see how Japanese working style is flexible: based on helping and respecting each other, and paying attention to details and processes – which can result in the world’s best quality, customer focus and teamwork. We also see how some changes to Japanese business culture can make it much easier for non-Japanese to join in and become leaders in Japanese organisations.

Also we analyze global working style – based on setting goals and designing an organization so that large projects and regular activities are divided clearly between group companies, departments, and individuals so that each can use their expertise to create planned results with individual accountability and results.

This top-down planning is the opposite to many Japanese organizations which rely on flexible team work and bottom up, or middle-top-down planning. Over time, such organisations can become too slow, internally focused and risk-averse. We look at the benefits (and best methods) of including non-Japanese team-members who can help bring more risk-taking, clarity and diversity. Learn how to use a synergistic management style for overseas staff, vendors and partners, mixing the best of global/Japanese ways.

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