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Upcoming Event: Mon. 04/24 (19:00-21:30)

“Project Management: how to lead cross-cultural teams successfully”, with Andrew Neuman

This class will consist of group work based on several real-life case studies. While the course is offered in English, Mr. Neuman will provide additional explanation in Japanese as needed.

About the guest-speaker

Cornell University MBA graduate. Project manager at NEC Corporation of America and Yahoo!. Management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. After leading the Japan Society of Northern California as president, joined MSOL, Inc. as vice president of business development and project management in March 2014. Executive Director at Management Solutions, co., ltd. in Tokyo since November 2015.

Management Solutions’ is dedicated to providing concrete solutions for business organizations and individuals as the leading management platform in Japan and throughout the world. Consider project management: they provide a solution that not only raises the project management maturity level of our client organizations, but is also aimed at adding tools to individual project team members’ skill sets. Globally, they will continue to deploy career management solutions, online training solutions, and a new knowledge and talent management software platform called ProEver as we dedicate ourselves to building a true management platform.

J-Global HR Forums

Whether you are in a Japanese or global company J-Global Forums will help you understand how bridging cultural differences and using a collaborative working style can create high performance teamwork across your organization. We will learn and create together frameworks and best practices from an intercultural perspective to positively manage change and achieve your company’s targets. Each time we discuss a different key theme for your job function, from a viewpoint of diverse working environment. Learn how to work with foreign managers, colleagues, and vendors to create winning solutions. Get motivation, inspiration and best practices from each other, and grow your global leadership skills.

Previous topics

02/06/17 “Internships – A key to Japan’s future?”, with Jonahan Garnier from ICC
12/20/16: “Emotional Intelligence: the Ultimate Human Resource”, with Rob Russell, Career Coach, Coach Tokyo &
10/19/16: “Motivation through Gamification”, with Stephan Sauerburger, CEO and Creative Director at Chromosphere Productions
and “The Chief Learning Officer (CLO): Passionate about performance”, with Mathias Sager, Advisor at J-Global Institute of Collaboration
8/30/16: “Rapid Response Planning Process: similarities between US marines and Japanese company culture, and ways to improve the speed of Japanese corporations in decision-making and change management to match “global speed””, with William Young, CEO of Rhumbline Consulting
7/4/16: “Could Japan have the answer for a happier worldwide working style?”, with Jon Lynch, CEO of K.K. Tsunago

Langauge of Instruction


Agenda & Time Schedule

19:00: Introduction by JIC
19:10: Guest speaker
19:40: Group discussions: how to apply in own situation
20:00: Break / Networking
20:10: Share and prioritize key challenges
20:30. Peer consulting on own needs: in interest groups (may also divide into gaishikei / nikkei kigyo)
21:30: Finish (optional drinks in local pub)

Benefits of Attending

Differences come up in intercultural settings can lead to frustration and friction when people from different backgrounds attempt to work together. Using a set of lively interactive case studies, Mr. Neuman’s goal is to educate course participants on how to recognize and address intercultural differences for a more productive work environment.

Of course, there will be sufficient time to network in a pleasant atmosphere, so the forum provides the chance to expand and deepen personal connections with other people having an interest in HR.

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Andrew Neuman

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