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Do your plans for your future career include the experience of studying in a university in the UK, US or other English speaking country? If they do, you will need the language skills to not only survive, but thrive in an English speaking environment; and, importantly, you will need to prove that you have reached this high level in the language.


Rob Russell is a British Council trained former IELTS examiner with many years of experience teaching TOEFL and TOEIC at top level Japanese universities and companies. He also works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan teaching IELTS and preparing its employees for Masters level study in the UK and Australia.

Course Outline (3 sessions of 2 hours)

Session 1:

Success in speaking tests

You will learn techniques for maximising your test score and study skills to take your English ability to the next level. Focus will be on the IELTS test, but many of the skills learned are equally relevant to TOEFL.

Session 2:

Success in writing tests

In addition to test techniques you will learn skills which will help you deal with the demanding task of writing essays, reports and research papers at a high level. Focus will be on the IELTS test, but many of the skills learned are equally relevant to TOEFL.

Session 3:

Success in the listening test

You will learn techniques for getting the best possible score on the listening test and have the chance to measure your ability under authentic test conditions. You will also receive immediate expert feedback on your performance.

Session 4:

Success in readinging tests

Reading is also a key part of every English test. In this class you will learn techniques such as skimming and scanning to improve your reading speed and comprehension and therefore get the best possible score regardless of the type of text or particular topics. You will also learn useful ways to study at home and build your English vocabulary.

This program will give you:

  • Simple, but powerful techniques for ensuring that you maximize your test score with particular focus on the highly respected IELTS test
  • Instruction from a British Council trained former IELTS examiner
  • Plenty of practice with authentic test materials
  • Immediate expert feedback on your performance
  • The chance to assess your current level without paying to take a test before you’re ready
  • A solid base from which to take your English skills to the next level

Language of Instruction

Intermediate level of English or above required.

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