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NPOs and Partnership: “Address Changing Social Needs in Japan”, with Noriko Sakamoto & “Platform Cooperativism”, with Mathias Sager 7pm-9:30pm (Tue) 10/24

NPOs and Partnership: To Address Changing Social Needs in Japan

From my experience and information from Japan for Sustainability, she is going to introduce examples of NPOs addressing different and
changing social needs involving different groups of people — local residents, local governments, enterprises, etc. As her organization’s focus is sustainability, she is going to talk about social issues related to environmental and social sustainability in Japan.
– Waste management
– Disaster response and restruction
– Local revitalization
– Child poverty

J-Global NPO forums

Let’s get  together at J-Global Institute with other NPO/ Charity professionals to plan how to achieve better results for your organization in Japan. Participants are invited to share their challenges and goals, and brainstorm ideas in similar minded groups to create innovative solutions.

Benefits of attending

If participants are interested in involving with NPOs, even volunteering, any startup of social enterprises, Noriko can provide different and even broader range of information and discuss it with them.



The Internet is slipping out of ordinary users’ control. Internet technologies are transforming our workplaces, relationships, and societies. Companies like Uber, Amazon, and Facebook are capturing vital sectors of the economy such as transportation, advertising, and phenomena like search and social networking. All of us who rely on the Internet have virtually no control over the platforms that affect and inform us on a daily basis.

Platform cooperativism is a growing international movement that builds a fairer future of work. Rooted in democratic ownership, co-op members, technologists, unionists, and freelancers create a concrete near-future alternative to the extractive sharing economy. This forum provides the ideal overview for anybody interested in the concept of platform cooperativism. We are also seeking contributors to the formation process of the Platform Cooperativism Japan (PCJ) Consortium, a sister organization of the PCC New York,  www.platform.coop/consortium

Specifically addressing the NPO forum context, the following questions will be discussed:

–               What’s the difference between a cooperative and a nonprofit?

–               What do we get when we cross a cooperative with a nonprofit?

–               How can a nonprofit be run cooperatively?

–               What’s the argument for democratically-run nonprofit organizations?

Guest- speaker

Noriko Sakamoto (Communications Director Japan for Sustainability)

Noriko Sakamoto

Noriko Sakamoto is a communications director at an environmental NGO Japan for Sustainability (JFS) in Tokyo. She gained her master’s degree in international environmental studies at Lund University in Sweden. She is involved with JFS since its establishment as a volunteer in English translation and event management, and after her study in Sweden, she joined JFS in 2006 and engages in spreading sustainability information regarding projects/initiatives ongoing throughout Japan by a variety of players from national government to citizen groups worldwide. Since 2011, she takes in charge of overseas relations and research for the Institute of Studies in Happiness, Economy and Society. She started organizing a series of offline event Tokyo Sustainability Meetup since August 2015.


NPO topics chosen by members may include:

  • operational processes
  • partnerships
  • marketing
  • fund-raising
  • attracting, training and managing the right volunteers
  • change management… etc.

Guest- speaker

Mathias Sager 

Information about the guest-speaker
Mathias engages for a fairer future of work and a truly cooperative digital economy that is benefitting all its contributors and next generations. Mathias possesses an International Executive MBA in Information Management, a Bachelor in Education Sciences, a postgraduate Certificate in Crisis and Leadership Communication, as well as a postgraduate Certificate in Psychology. In his long standing as a Big 4 Senior Manager in IT Risk and Advisory, Mathias led global client projects and international teams in Europe and Japan. A current focus is the formation of the Platform Cooperativism Japan (PCJ) Consortium, a sister organization of the PCC New York (platform.coop). Mathias is originally from Switzerland.

Organization profile

The Platform Cooperativism Japan (PCJ) Consortium (a sister organization of the PCC New York, www.platform.coop  is in its formation process and therefore on the mission to spread awareness about the international development.

Platform Cooperativism Japan (PCJ) connects key stakeholders of the emerging platform economy ecosystem to create synergies in the pursuit of increased shared value, ownership, and governance. The PCJ Consortium supports the cooperative digital economy through research, experimentation, education, advocacy, documentation of best practices, technical support, the coordination of funding, and events.

The Platform Cooperativism Japan (PCJ) Consortium does:

–               Advocate the role of platform cooperativism in a fairer future of work

–               Work with partners to develop a local research agenda for the sector

–               Share impactful stories of platform cooperativism’s potential

–               Help platform cooperatives get started

Previous topic

The importance of an NPO as a third sector in society & how to manage a local branch as an international organization, by Daiki Kaumamoto, president of AIESEC Japan.

Meraputi Project: how to make people motivated to achieve a goal without money incentive, by Shimpei Takanohashi.

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