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Get free access to 130 seminars for a whole year. Improve yourself, improve your business.

J-Global Passport

Are you aiming for a promotion or an improvement of your business? Boost your capabilities by investing in a passport that enables you to attend as many as 130 events per year!

Our workshops have unique principles to create new knowledge together, diverse collaboration (mix of nationalities and industries), open innovation (solving our challenges in groups) and peer-to-peer learning style (cross-functional best practice sharing).

As part of our career skills building plan, we will help you become successful in todays global environment. Our Global Leaders Program (series of 24 seminars) will help to build key communication skills such as negotiation, presentation, and team-building.

With our expert instructors, build specific skills such as sales talk, emotional intelligence, or facilitation with our Special Skills Seminars.

Enjoy business communication in English with our global facilitators whilst practicing the skills you learn in seminars.

For just ¥10,000 yen a month (plus tax), become a global leader, and develop relevant business skills today!

Our J-Global passport allows for attending all of our events for an entire year!


Access Events Freely

With the J-Global passport you can attend all our global leadership events freely for one year. Buy it now and attend your first event this week.

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Become a Global Leader

We organize multiple events every week to help our participants of many nationalities achieve business success. There are forums, intercultural business skill seminars, and community events for practicing skills.



Buy your J-Global passport and attend several hundred hours of events per month for only ¥10,000/month for a year.

With the passport, you have access to all our events for 1 year!

The Programs

Global English Mindset

Build confidence and positive intercultural communication skills using limited English.

Global Leaders Program

Communicate better with your diverse global colleagues and achieve win-win collaboration.


Get together with peers from your field for a short seminar, idea-sharing and networking session.

Special Skill Seminars

Build exact skills you need, such as coaching or selling, with our expert instructors.

events are planned for 2017, and we will keeping adding more!

Events at J-Global

Personal Growth & Success Plan

Intercultural Leadership & Communication Coaching

Diverse Global Participant Idea-Sharing

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