Persuasive Presentation

Drive approval and action of global audiences

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  • Learn how to talk clearly, persuasively and positively in presentations, meetings, events and ‘selling’ situations. Succeed when you’re proposing an idea or a product, asking for support or collaboration.


  • Japanese and non-Japanese business people who need to persuade global stakeholders, including managers, innovators, engineers, marketers, IT and finance specialists, and especially customer-facing employees such as sales people.


  • Plan your purpose more clearly, and make simple, highly structured presentations focused on persuasive benefits to make your audience take action.
  • Understand your audience, and how to logically and emotionally persuade them, using appropriate physical skills, visuals and content.
  • Communicate better with your audience in Q&A, regardless of English ability.

Our Method

  • Say your ideas more confidently, clearly and persuasively in meetings and presentations so collaboration and revenue increase.
  • Learn a flexible mix of intercultural communication skills to improve your presentation results both in Japan and overseas.


  • Pre-assignment: Prepare a persuasive English business presentation, or use an existing one, with 5-20 PowerPoint slides – practice and share by email in advance.
  • Explain needs, then practice skills to help own future job, in small groups of 2, 3 or 5 people to maximise active talking time.
  • Learn intercultural skills bilingual trainer, slides and textbook to learn intercultural skills and apply them to your own work situations so you improve your business performance.
  • Evaluate each other’s presentations using Improvement Checklists, video each other using own smartphone and get trainer feedback.
  • Keep building and improving the same job-critical presentation throughout the day, or use creative thinking tools such as mind-mapping to create and present on several different high value topics.

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