The Language of Sales

The Language of Sales is not only for sales people, it is for everybody.

We are all in sales whether we realise it or not:

  • If you want your wife, partner to do something or you want your children to adopt a particular pattern of behaviour.
  • If you are dealing with your colleagues or your boss – attending an interview.
  • What about getting a date?

Knowing the techniques that you can use or that may be used on you is of great benefit in all areas of life!

In fact most communication involves some degree of influence and persuasion. Have you developed your skill set in this area? Imagine how much easier all areas of your life could be if you did!

This 4-session interactive training program will give you a complete understanding of the sales process in today’s world.

Learn the tried and tested benefits of Western techniques that can also be adapted in Japan, including The Psychology of Persuasion and Neuroscience.

As taster, a video from our Sales Forum with our Sales Trainer Adrian Markey as guest-speaker:

Course Outline

Upcoming events (7pm-9pm):

07/05 (Session 1/4)

07/12 (Session 2/4)

07/19 (Session 3/4)

07/26 (Session 4/4)


Language of Instruction


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    Project Management (3/4)
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    Career Planning & Learning Strategy
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    Project Management (4/4)
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    The Language of Sales (1/4)
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    The Language of Sales (2/4)
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    Facilitation Training: "Chairing Discussions"
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    The Language of Sales (3/4)
  • -
    The Language of Sales (4/4)
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    Career Planning & Learning Strategy
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