Special Skill Seminars

Build specific skills such as sales talk, emotional intelligence or facilitation with our expert instructors.

Our Programs

Language of Sales (4 sessions)

Knowing the techniques that you can use or that may be used on you is of great benefit in all areas of life! In fact, most communication involves some degree of influence and persuasion. This 4-session interactive training program will give you a complete understanding of the sales process in today’s world.

Career Planning (4 sessions)

Plan how to improve your leadership skills and build your “growth mindset” learning ‘road-map’ for your business success in 2017: What’s your high-performing vision of yourself one year from now? What intercultural leadership, communication and business skills do you need to strengthen?

Emotional Intelligence (4 sessions)

Easy to understand theory and practical exercises that will let you immediately put what you learn into practice in your workplace and social/personal life; scientifically proven techniques for relieving stress and building confidence and well-being; and easy to use and highly effective tools for mastering emotions and having the impact you want; all readily adaptable to your unique situation and needs.


Mastering the IELTS (4 sessions)

Do your plans for your future career include the experience of studying in a university in the UK, US or other English speaking country? If they do, you will need the language skills to not only survive, but thrive in an English speaking environment; and, importantly, you will need to prove that you have reached this high level in the language.

Project Management (2 sessions)

Differences come up in intercultural settings can lead to frustration and friction when people from different backgrounds attempt to work together. Using a set of lively interactive case studies, Mr. Neuman’s goal is to educate course participants on how to recognize and address intercultural differences for a more productive work environment.

Financial Markets for Non-Specialists: basic steps into understanding the world of finance (2 sessions)

In this workshop you will learn about the basic of financial markets, the major stock exchanges of the world, their characteristics, the reason why they exist and their mechanism. You will also learn about the various financial instruments that exist, the key actors of markets, news and data that feeds financial news. This session doesn’t require any technical knowledge and is aimed for anyone with an interest in understand the world of financial markets.

Success in English Tests: TOEFL, TOEIC & IELTS

Do your plans for your future career include the experience of studying in a university in the UK, US or other English speaking country? Does promotion in your company, your salary or the chance to take business trips to foreign countries depend on your level of English? If you answered yes, you will probably need to show evidence of your ability by taking a test such as TOEFL, TOEIC or the increasingly popular British Council IELTS test. This course will help you get the best possible test score and also give you guidance on how to improve your English ability and measure your progress.

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